Who we are

People at LAMUG meetings are always talking about computers. Here the focus is on the creative uses of software and hardware and providing hands-on information for all guests through a series of seminars, panel discussions and post-meeting question and answer sessions.

The intimate environment of the Twin Cities, LAMUG's participation in various social events, and even standing in line for the doors to open provide opportunities for connections between guests and members. LAMUG members value the opportunity to mix and mingle.

LAMUG Founding Father Skip Lalemand has been joined each year since 1996 by the President of LAMUG who brings a uniquely different perspective to the programming of the club. Presidents have included... 1996 to 1999 = Skip Lalemand, Alfred Darby III in 2000, and our current president Ron Cormier.

Members of the press are welcome to attend LAMUG's meetings, workshops, and demonstrations. Their membership is welcome. The LAMUG Press Desk is maintained for members of the press who need information about LAMUG policies, as well as events. Please contact LAMUG's Public Relations Director, Denise Scammon.


What we do

LAMUG's program consists of a minimum of 12 monthly meetings and community projects, which includes FREE demonstrations and workshops. These events are supplemented by formal and informal conversations with computer industry representatives, as well as parties, picnics, and free give-aways such as software, hardware, t-shirts, and books.

Both old and new software and hardware are presented at meetings. Whenever possible, the program is accompanied and introduced by at least one person key to its creation.